Sunday, 15 June 2014

Do Not Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

Do Not Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

Do not let anyone steal your dream! The world is full of dream killers - people whose sole mission in life is to sabotage you and your dream. They look for ways to crush your energy and deaden your life force by highlighting uncertainty, reminding you of what you don't have or what you may need. They point out weaknesses, mistakes, setbacks and past losses when you turn to them for encouragement.

Sometimes dream killers appear in the faces of people closest to you and other times they whisper and hide out in the deep recesses of your own mind. Safeguard your mind. Preserve your energy. Don't answer them or entertain their conversations. Leave them alone! Say to yourself over and over again...I got this! I was born to win. Keep moving toward your dream and imagine the feeling of having accomplished your dream. Remember above all, don't let anyone steal your dream. You can make it happen. 

You were born to win. Use your energy to find solutions instead of blaming yourself or others. Let go of your excuses and don't give yourself a pass. Take responsibility and ownership for your life. You are greater than your circumstances. You have the power to put your life in a different position.

Remind yourself that you are intelligent, talented and greater than anything that you have gone through! Tell yourself.."It's time to make a change!" Move forward with faith, confidence and firm determination to live your dream because it's your destiny. 
You deserve to win. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!

Source: Les Brown 

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