Saturday, 11 January 2014

I Don't Love You Any More

I Don't Love You Any More

These words are probably the most hurtful ones of all to hear. 
And yet, somewhere, every day these words are being said. Often to a partner who had no idea that there was anything wrong with their relationship.

We all know the wonderful feeling of falling in love. Long before we meet that special one we have practice runs with crushes on pop stars, sports idols or even the boy or girl next door. We all know what it is like to see the world in technicolor and to bring our loved-one’s name into the conversation at every possible moment.

We feel brighter, lighter and certainly happier when there is love in the air. When that love is returned, and we are told we are loved, it can make even the dullest and plainest of us feel like royalty. There truly is, as all the love songs tell us, ‘music in the air’ and we all know the feeling of having ‘wings on our heels’ as we go to meet our lover.

Perhaps nobody really warns us about how we will feel if love walks out of the door. Of course, there are songs and poems about unrequited love, but the melancholy expressed is no indicator of the gut-wrenching pain of being told that we are no longer loved. Especially if those words come from your partner and you felt the commitment you both made was to be lifelong.

So how easy is it to fall.

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